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Freelance senior designer from New Zealand, based in London. My practice is concept-led and collaborative with a focus on flexible, experimental brand systems and digital experiences.

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harryboyd1@gmail.com+44 (0)7999 387915

Selected recognition

New York Times

D&AD Awards
(Shortlisted x2)

It's Nice That
(2018) (2020)

Guest lecture at Falmouth University



DINZ Best Awards
(Gold) (Silver)

AGDA Awards
(Distinction x2) (Merit x4)

Good Design Australia

SuperHi Hall of Fame


Brutalist Websites

404 Foundation

Freelance designer

based in LONDON


Selected news


Cohere rebrand launches (worked on at Pentagram)


Luna Luna in the New York Times


BBC rebrand shortlisted for 2x D&AD awards (coming soon)


Guest lecture for Falmouth University's MA Communication Design course


BOOOK.LAND Vol.002 featured on It's Nice That


BOOOK.LAND Vol.002 is live 👀


BOOOK.LAND featured around the web

Luna Luna

The first-ever travelling art amusement park


A globally toured extravaganza of rides, games, performances, and other unexpected amusements crafted by some of the most renowned artists of yesterday and today. Born in 1987. Reimagined for today.

After 35 years Luna Luna is back! More info coming soon...

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Can't be shown publically at this stage

Coming soon


Radical creativity within an ever-changing landscape


The MA Communication Design (MACD) at Falmouth University is both a course, research-hub, and working design studio. Its ethos centers around radical provocation, transformation and collaboration within an ever-changing landscape.

The new brand identity is built with variation and exploration at the heart. A vast suite of generative textures provoke curiosity and come to life on the website where the user is able to interact and alter. A texture generator web tool ensures that no two textures will be the same.

The textures are accompanied by a range of increasingly radical wordmarks which push each character to its limits. All of this comes together on the website to create a dynamic, interactive experience which is different each visit.

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Have a good day


Sophy Hollington

A quietly playful and mysterious space for a linocut artist


Website design and development for linocut artist Sophy Hollington. The website is a quietly playful and mysterious space for Sophy’s intricate and bold work. Small moments of mystery and discovery are dotted throughout the experience including a clock that displays the current day, moon phase and zodiac, encoded in folkloric symbolism.

A custom font – Arcane Display – was purposefully created for the website. The font pulls from Sophy’s wealth of typography within her work to create a suite of contextual alternates as well as a custom emoji family.

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A collaboration with George Boyd

For Sophy Hollington

Tapis Théâtre

Promo for the tenth edition of the Parisian theatre soirée


Tapis Théâtre is a Parisian theatre company that began with a makeshift rug stage in a living room. These days, the rug has become its trademark ('Tapis' translates to 'rug' in English) and is still used as the performing surface on larger stages. The events typically consist of improv or performers testing new material resulting in unusual, quirky performances. For the tenth event, the identity celebrates the pattern of rugs and dials up the quirkiness through typography and dance-like movement.

For Tapis Théâtre


P5 experiments


Can't be shown publically at this stage

Coming soon


An experimental platform for collaborative storytelling


BOOOK.LAND is a space for collaborative storytelling, bringing the online world together to write a novel. The digital platform questions what would happen if writing followed a collaborative and playful process similar to design. BOOOK.LAND allows participants from all over the world to take part in a live novel, continuing the story where it was left off and illustrating it as it's being written. The identity focuses on a clash of digital and physical worlds to capture the very digital age process being used to create a traditionally physical object.

Birthland, A New World (VOL.001) ran for a month and received 2,640 entries totalling 56,527 words and 1,304 illustrations. The Speaking Machine (VOL.002) was a special edition in collaboration with Falmouth University aiming to bring students together in the time of COVID-19 isolation. The opening sentence was written by Falmouth University chancellor Dawn French.

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Clock wall

Grahame Boyd Architecture

Brand and website for a small New Zealand architecture studio


A collaboration with George Boyd

Sign of the Times

A nonsensical newspaper with articles written by a computer


A poster on the theme of 'truth' made for the PHORM exhibition at Birmingham Design Festival. The poster questions the idea of truth when Artificial Intelligence writes the media – AI is now used by most major media groups for the writing of entire articles.

All articles written by scripts.

Act Now!

A climate change protest poster


A poster protest for the digital generation. All in aide of raising awareness and money for the Australian Bushfire Relief Fund. The design represents the immensity of action that is needed and the impact of a lack of action and time on our dying planet.

Slowly Failing

An exhibition exploring autonomous systems


Slowly Failing was an exhibition that explored and provoked discussion on autonomous technology's capabilities through a range of installations. This body of work explored the possibilities and outcomes of technology when the user is removed from the process and the computer is left to produce on its own. Applescript was used to define various inputs and outputs while allowing for broad parameters within the handling and manipulation of the data to let the computer ‘create on its own’.

Reductive, imperfect and generative were the core qualities that underpinned the visual identity as a way to truly embody the experience of the exhibition. References to the print world executed in a digital way, auto-justification, stretched typography and a range of paper stocks and sizes all helped to enhance the physical vs. digital element of the exhibition.

A collaboration with Isaac Laughton


Instagram AR face filter to celebrate rebrand and new website


Design and development of a custom AR face filter to accompany social media posts celebrating the Wolff Olins' rebrand and new website full of new work.


Interactive generative shader

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